Evil Sun

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  • Description
    • "Evil sun" loves greenhouse gas factory because greenhouse gases allows sun to heat harder. But ecologists will try do the best to destroy factory that spoiling air.

      Sun have 4 kinds of weapons to protect spoiling air:

      Sun ray - basic weapon
      Fireball - wide lethal area ground weapon
      Shotgun - sun can shot with rays like a shotgun
      Apocalypse - large explosion that hardly damaging all untis on the stage.
      Earn money by killing ecologists to upgrade weapons.
      Infinitie and fun gameplay. 6 different types of enemies
  • Instructions
    • Aim sun's eye with mouse. Hold left mouse button or SPACE to accumulate energy then release to fire.
      1-4 keys to switch weapons
      ` (backquote) or U key opens upgrades shop
      P - Pause or unpause game
      M - Mute or unmute game

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