Goodgame Studios: Empire & Big Farm

May 06, 2013 Empire & Big Farm – free browser games from Goodgame Studios. Play these games on PushMania and earn real cash (please check comments section)!


Goodgame Studios - Empire


Empire combines all great aspects of a strategy game with a familiar tower defense feel. Creating your own emblem, gaining experience and coin to build your own ultimate castle. The first time you usually play a similar game, you get lost in the beginning since there is barely any help.

Empire though, is different, with a built in tutorial, guiding you through how the game works, it gets very familiar really quick. No more getting lost and it is great for an on-the-go experience. The quests are really fun, with different areas to explore and even an entire map to conquer. The appealing aspect of the game is its visuals and its ease of navigating around each scenario you face.

Empire gameplay

Build your resources and upgrade your castle, your towers, barracks and more. Follow the story as you build your empire and face new enemies as you progress. The story flows very well within the game-play experience and you can play for as long as you want without worrying about running out of moves or energy. You’re always given a choice as to how you play, gather resources, continue the storyline or buy extra premium items and get a helpful head start.

Empire is an addicting, mild paced strategy game with an exceptional storyline and an artistic feel. A great game for beginners as well as experienced players who wish to challenge themselves. There is even a forum where you can discuss game strategies and tips among other players and the game support from the developers are quick and professional.



Goodgame Studios - Big Farm

Big Farm is one of those games that you can easily familiarize with, whether you’re new to farm games or extremely experienced. You’ll have a lot to do, just like in a real farm but without the muscle sores. There are many advanced customizations and different ways to go about farming. Build your own house, plant different vegetation in which all have unique effects on your farm. The game-play experience never dampens because there are always animals to feed and care for and plants to be collected all while gaining experience and more powerful upgrades.

Big Farm gameplay

As you progress you unlock new features such as multiplayer functions that allow you to further your game experiences such as a ranking function where you can view the leader board and track your progress with other people around the world. A unique co-op feature, something even most advanced players have not been able to experience in other games. There is a story arc in which are linked to each task you are to carry out and finish for more experience, cash and other goodies. Overall, this game is for everyone, with many different things to do, plants, animals, buildings, decorations and more. What are you waiting for? Can you build the ultimate farm and make it to the top of the leader boards?



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